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Dream of Cristiano Artist 

DOCA is a media/events company founded by former TVB actress Ms.Christine Fung, who has been in Hong Kong entertainment industry for over 15 years.
we provide media and fashion business services, including actors and models training and management, music promotion, advertising/film production, concert organization and planning, model contests and fashion events planning and promotion, etc.
Colorful Bubbles


   As a meida and events company,
we fully understand the needs of our clients and provide high quality customized services according to different cases. we aim to use DOCA as the platform, establish a good and honest  cooperative relationship with our clients. 
We have years of experience working with the media and entertainment industry in Hong Kong,
Our creative team provide you with international talents and models training, from arranging actors and models to participate in shows/events
to provide a series of behind-the-scene support such as professional stylists, photographers and hosts,  video production and tailor-made marketing, publicity events etc.


We provide media/ events services,

hold model contests and fashion shows, and that‘s not all we do.

we also care and give back to the society by regularly hold charity events, hope and strive to create a harmonious and a better world with you.


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